• Components have been developed by USDoE and other groups worldwide to meet the specifications of containment.
  • Extraordinary metallurgical properties of the container material are
    available to guarantee long term stability.
  • The Oil & Gas Industry has developed and perfected unique set of tools
    and manufacturing processes to provide for downhole equipment.
  • The Oil & Gas Industry has all the necessary deliver systems to deploy
    any type of device under all known or foreseeable operational conditions.

  • Solutions based on immobilization of nuclear waste material.
  • Available solutions based on 50 years of worldwide research on waste
    formulations already exist.
  • Capsule fabrication is relatively easy.
  • Allow for high waste concentration in formulation.
  • Optimal Processes include: CERAMIC FORMATION & VITRIFICATION
  • Synroc is the one of the most effective and durable means of immobilizing
    various forms of high-level radioactive wastes for disposal (1978). 
    (Density 4.5gm/cc. MP = 1350 C)
  • It is a ceramic made from several natural minerals which together
    incorporate into their crystal structures nearly all of the elements present
    in high level radioactive waste. 
  • Recent developments are of specialized forms to immobilize plutonium,
    and of composite glass-ceramic waste-forms.